Daily Excursions to Delos Bringing You Closer to the Ancient Spirit
There are daily trips to Delos taking place from Mykonos, due to the impressive things to see in this neighbouring destination. Delos is a small island next to Mykonos, but its historic importance is noteworthy.

The myth states that in antiquity Delos was floating on water and therefore had no roots. However, when Leto got impregnated and Hera was furious with her (since Zeus was the father), Zeus asked of Poseidon to offer them a shelter.
Poseidon could rule the sea and consequently provided Delos as a solid place for the woman to give birth to the twin Gods, Apollo and Artemis. 
The sacred character of the island made it truly well known in the world and all people paid their respect to the Gods in Delos. There has been prosperity and immunity to wars and loots for hundreds of years, since mortals knew that the Gods were not to be harmed or disrespected in any way. As you wander through the ruins of Delos, you will come to admire a lot of exhibits that account for a glory past full of wealth and prominence. The Terrace of the Lions and the House of Dionysos, the Temple of Isis and the Bust of Hermes are just a few of the great monuments that you can enjoy in your trip.

Having been proclaimed as a place among the World Heritage List from Unesco, it is certainly a unique destination that you should include in your to-do list. Combine Mykonos and Delos for exquisite blending of the past along with the presence! 
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