Little Venice Adding a Touch of Medieval Spirit and Romance in Mykonos
If you are in Mykonos, one thing that you should do is to enjoy the sunset in the most picturesque scenery offered within your reach. Before starting searching for the ideal place for you to be when the sun sets, we have got the answer for you. Little Venice is perhaps the most amazingly elegant neighbourhood in the port of Mykonos. With its special architecture and with the wonderful view that allows you to admire the marriage of the sun with the sea, Little Venice is the talk of the town and attracts tourists from all over the island. 
The merchants of 18th century used to build their homes and shops right on the edge of the water, making it easier for the merchandise to be loaded and unloaded without any distress in case of need. The piracy has been spread in the Aegean Sea and all over the Mediterranean and such a building choice added to the mystery about the true intentions of the home owners in Little Venice. Of course, the name suggests that there is striking resemblance with the original city of Italy. 
When the waves reach the walls of the homes in this spectacular neighbourhood of the island, the outcome is just breathtaking. Apparently, most of the homes have now been turned into bars and clubs and therefore you can enjoy your hot beverage on a cold day and just listen to the waves splashing and watching them come right at you.
On the other hand, during summertime when the weather is fine, you can just relax and have a cocktail watching the sun go down and the vivid colours of the sunset overflowing the atmosphere.

This is certainly an experience that you had better hold on to, once you come to Mykonos. Whether you are a hopeless romantic or a life enthusiast who wishes to explore new landscapes and savour great adventures, Little Venice can do the trick for you! 
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